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You're a chill peep, just wanting to help but money ain't and easy thing to give. I appreciate any effort, I know it's not easy, so thank you. Really, every small gesture matters in some way or another. This tells me you support me just as much as any other tier. Thank you so much.
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You're still a chill peep, with some extra cash willing to use it to support me and I'm so shook that you're willing and able to help me out a bit more with this. Thank you so much. I can't imagine where you are right now in life, but even so, I just hope you're doing awesome and I can make your day one way or another. I will be giving you a shout out for sure to whatever account you want from which ever of my accounts you want. Though if it's Wattpad or Youtube you might get something a little extra~ ;)
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YOU ARE TOO MUCH! I'm very shook that you're willing and able to help me out this much. Thank you so much. I can't imagine where you are right now in life or how you able to help me this, but this is amazing. If you are not having an awesome day I will punch the world for you, cause you deserve to have an awesome day!!! If there any kind of Youtube video I can create for you? A challenge of sorts? Throw it at me and at for you I'll do my best to get what you want done and ASAP! THANK YOU!




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About JasmynAtion

Hiya peeps! 😁
Welcome, call me Jazzy, I'm a Canadian artist, author, Youtuber and aspiring Game Designer! I have a passion for my creations and my only hope is that they can make people even happier than they make me. From videos to drawings, I just to want to reach a point where my creations might be able to have a positive influence on who ever gives it a chance. Thank you for supporting me!

If you want to support me in other ways, feel free to visit my YouTube channel and comment recommendations of videos you'd like to see me create! Or go to my Wattpad ( https://www.wattpad.com/user/JasmynAtion ) and read some of my work that's there. Again, comments give support to.

If you want to support me more directly but not through Patreon's methods, I have published a short story as an eBook through Lulu; http://www.lulu.com/shop/jasmyne-mac-rae/my-coffee-shop-boy/ebook/product-23875456.html. And later I may publish more.

Thank you! Stay safe and have an awesome day 😎
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When I reach $100 per month, I will make a short special video giving a special thank you to my first patrons who are helping me reach my dreams.
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