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Hello and THANK YOU for reading this!
To introduce myself, I am a full-time Father and Husband. I do this page to have an outlet for the things my girls and I create.  
My Mom is my Hero. For my whole life I have never seen her quit. 
When I was a young child a nice old man gave me the start of a penny collection. This act gave me a love for collecting things and hope in a dark time.
When I was a child my father gave me a direction for my need for destruction and let me destroy and take apart otherwise good (albeit cheap) furniture and typewriters. This gave me a love of figuring out how things work - how they are strong, weak and how things might be different.
When I was in the Army, a dear friend of mine showed me how to make a wood cabinet for my then-new bride, Jennifer. Years later, another friend helped me create a chessboard. That has bloomed into a love of creation and making things. 
For almost my whole adult life, my best friend and partner Jennifer has always been there for me and has done what was needed in the most creative ways. She is my future.
Our Daughter is Jayden. The Booga or Boo for short. She, like all children, is the future.
I believe in striving to create the reality you want, still living in the present, trying to never miss an opportunity do good for other people (while doing my best not to bother everyone else trying to live pleasant lives). To that end, all I do I do for My Girls. We do too much to list here but it's ALWAYS fun! 
Come and join us on our adventures in ART! (I use the term "Art" very loosely.) Miniature Gardening! Hiking stick and cane creation! - including my opinion on the how and why I do it, and anything else we can think of.  
$0 of $2,000 per month
We are trying to achieve buying a home. The money will go to the earnest and inspections.
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