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About Jasper Hoffman

Guys! Welcome to the inner circle, the rich ooey gooey of goodness and wealth of ass kicking, chest thumping and motivational cattle prodding for your life. I'm here to inspire, call bullshit, and give you insight on how to get out of your way, already, and go for the gold.

I'm so freaking excited to be over here to make an impact on those I am not life coaching. I thrive on daily connecting with my people, giving perspective and slashing through challenges as they rise up, sharing the truths and lessons I yank out along the way. I can't do that with an online course, like I can here with you.

Okay, so here's the low down on this shindig. By subscribing and becoming a Patron,  
you are signing up to have BFF access to getting your shit together with me. Together we are going to explore topics like..... holy fuck fear is holding me back from asking for things I need, how to set intentions and make them poof! show up in yo life, how to stop working a bazillion hours a week and restructure your life so you can make more moolah and spend less time running all over gods green earth working, how to understand why you're still dating the exact same assholes, that vulnerability is COURAGE and will get you the things you want, and all other fun juicy kick ass topics that I am super over the top passionate about.

This right here is like the party haus of Jasper. Come inside and lets get funky.

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Want a sneak peak at my book I'm punching and backspacing into real life existence? There's basically smoke coming from my fingers from typing, I'll blow some your way upon reaching this goal. Bang Bang.
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