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About Javier

Hello and welcome, you guys!

Hi! My name is Javier "FOX" Jara and I live in Santiago, Chile. In my free time (between office and parenting a 6 years old daughter) I worked as a freelance illustrator and webcomic artist... but, you know, now I finally feel the need to devote myself to art for full-time, and move on with my personal projects and ideas for the areas of comics, animation and illustration.

I know you probably don't know me, that's totally ok, so I'm going to put some links here, ok?...

You can read my totally mysterious webcomic RAD ISLAND here on Tapastic.

And... here is the link to my Tumblr portfolio, with a bunch of different stuff.

And last but not least... here is the link to my Youtube channel, still experimental BTW.

So... with your help, I will not only be able to afford my work materials, but also, to pay my bills and basic needs, which will allow me to focus on my art without other concerns besides my responsibilities of adult life.

I think that's all for now you guys... so THANKS! and take good care, allright?! :D

September 5, 2016.
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$500 a month is what I need to quit my office job and spend that time doing comics.
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