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About Jax Denic

Hey there!

Who am I? I'm a dude. Not an ordinary dude, but a dude. I have a YouTube channel, a podcast with 3 of my best friends, and some merchandise for sale on Spreadshirt. Now, I have a patreon where I can put behind the scenes of the YouTube channel and the podcast for the Space Cowboys/Cowgirls and above. To be honest, I need you there with me. With you, I can make better content and give more back to the people with entertainment.

As the saying goes: "Let The Music of Your Life, Give Life Back To Music"

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you around.
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Hey patrons!

(there's gotta be a better term somewhere) I have a bit of an adventure. A quest, if you will. Since, as of now, the quest has begun, I have chosen to start at a goal of $25. With that goal, and this is a bit preset, i will give an interview with 1 lucky patron. That being said, go forth and rock.
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