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This tier, which is 78% the cost of the $5 level, is open for March 2019 in honor of Women's History Month (because women, on average, make 78% of what men do).

Joining at this tier will get you our sincerest thanks, access to the live monthly Ramblecast After Dark, bonus shows throughout the year, and access to the $5 level rewards for the month of March.  

If you wish to continue to get the $5 access, you'll have to edit or up your pledge in April.

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Our sincerest thanks, your name on our thank you page, access to an exclusive Patreons-only Facebook page, access to the live monthly Ramblecast After Dark, bonus shows (like the "Fartgate" series) throughout the year, and *exclusive* Patrons content, including up to 3 "RCAD: Extended" episodes a month, and monthly bonus content from The Jay and Jack Show, The Broadcast, and more.




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After five years of the subscription-based format, and in honor of their 10th anniversary in podcasting, Jay and Jack have decided to make their content (mostly) free for everyone. During the "podcasting season," they produce upwards of 5-8 podcasts per week. If you appreciate any of their hard work, then please consider pledging to help with some of the costs, such as hosting fees and keeping all of the Ramblecasters in line! Thank you!
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