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Need a custom license in your name and project? This gets you one.
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Many thanks! TQ for showing support to individual artists like myself.
Contribute to help pay for my website hosting and updates, helps me buy more soundware so I can make more music that sound good, buy me and my family coffee and juice (for the kids).
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$5 gets you higher 320kbps MP3 than current standard free downloads.
Also if you can't credit (it isn't possible for some projects), this waives the attribution required.




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Hi. I am a composer.

Listen to my music OR use my free royalty free music for your videos, projects, games, film etc with my full permission. Yes you can monetize your videos with music (for YouTubers).

What's different about my music?
You'll find a wide range from EDM to comedy, epic, rock, etc ...

In my past employment, my music has been used by Dominos, Clear Channel, Hilton, Marriott, Newsweek etc. I have spent years on this collection & I am releasing them (5000 tracks+) to anyone who needs music - FREE.

All I ask is you credit my work when using it and if possible, be a patron. I am working towards upgrading my workstation and also adding in new soundware. Your contribution will help towards that as well as paying for hosting, upgrades and buying coffee and juice (the kids) for my family.

Why am I doing this? Please watch my video.
I also take in custom composition work so recommend me or email me if you have a project in mind.

TQ for supporting individual artists like myself.
~ Jay Man
$41 of $2,000 per Free Music
Upgrade my workstation and soundware. My 5 year old MAC needs upgrade plus I plan to do more EDM tracks in future and need to purchase more soundware.
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