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You will get to enjoy sneak peeks of what I'm currently working on. Also you will get to see one sketch page from that month, and get your named featured at the end of my Youtube videos!

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With this tier you will get to enjoy weekly sketch pages you will also receive in progress images (it includes step by step images of a piece starting from the sketch to the final piece!), and you will also receive a mystery fandom chibi picture!

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The Tutorial Fanatic
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You will get to vote on a fandom based picture that I will draw for you that month! You will also receive a step by step process of said picture, and you will also get a tutorial!

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The Illustration Lover
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You will receive an illustration before the speed paint of it comes out. You will also receive an in depth tutorial of the mini tutorial I provide in my speed paints. (Signed Prints coming soon!)

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About Jazzicalnes

Hello everyone!

My name is Skylar I'm an Illustrator, and welcome to my Patreon page! 

So what is this place? 

Patreon is a place where you can support me directly as a creator! For every donation tier you can get really cool exclusive rewards- like my sketch pages and Illustrations that you wont get anywhere else (and more)! This is also a place to thank you all for supporting me and my art by giving you rewards for being too kind and amazing! 

So then who the heckin' are you?

I am a first year college student hoping to get a degree in illustration, but right now I'm working on my communications degree. I have a passion for drawing and I cant see myself ever stopping. My goal is to be a concept artist in the film industry, I have a long way to go but I'm hopeful for the future! Every donation is extremely appreciated and used toward my tuition or my art supplies. 

So... How does this work?

Once you pick a tier your payment will be processed at the beginning of each month and I post rewards on the 16th of every month. Also I will post my weekly sketch book pages every Saturday for the Sketch Maniac Tier (Tiers above the Sketch Maniac will still be able to see the sketch pages as well). All Tiers can see any post from Tiers below it. For example, if you chose the Illustration Lover Tier you will be able to see every post because that is the top Tier!

After reading all of this and if you would like to become a Patron you can hit the button that says, "Become a Patron!" and chose a Tier from there! If you are not interested, then thank you for reading all of this and checking out my page! It means a lot! 

Thank you so much for your support! 

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Thank you guys so much for the support it means the whole world to me! If we reach this goal the Tier 1 supporters will receive the mystery fandom chibi picture from Tier two for that month only!  

Thank you so much!!!
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