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About Joe Banner

About My Patreon

I'm Joe Banner. I'm a designer from England, and since 2014, this Patreon has supported my Short-form RPG Adventures. I've made, like, a bazillion of them.

My good friend and RPG author David Schirduan had this to say about my adventures, which I think hits the spot:

"Joe’s adventures are somewhere between Dungeon Starters and a full cinematic adventure. His adventures provide goals for the players to choose from, a basic map or location, NPCs, and one or two set pieces. His initial setups are detailed, but rarely feature an ending. Once the adventure hits the table, anything might happen.

The secret is different factions get their own motivations and are then set loose in the world. It’s up to the GM and the players to discover what happens and how situations resolve. These adventures are great for GMs who like organic and spontaneous play."

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