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the word “ordinary” really bothers me. who wants to be ordinary? don’t be ordinary. that’s what makes us beautiful. we all express ourselves differently. music as art is just as diverse and complex. it’s medicine for the mind. it creates and invokes memories, feelings, and moods. i create art, mostly of the dark, melancholic variety based on my experiences.

i’ve been lost many times in life looking for something and what always drew me back in was music. i’ve been lots of things and had lots of jobs including a position with the National Security Agency holding a Top Secret security clearance, but the only true passion that has persisted is making music. i’ve been writing music since i was 10 and performing live since i was 14. 

yes, this life that i’ve chosen is much more challenging than my previous life. i’m an independent artist financing everything on my own. of course it’s hard! but, i am so much happier and finally comfortable in my skin. creating is an outlet for me and i through listening, i want to provide that same outlet for you.

if you’ve read this far, then thank you. that means a lot. i hope what i do helps you feel, cope, move, or simply relate. maybe you’ve been lost as i once was. i get it. i want to invite into my world. by becoming a member of my Patreon team, you will not only experience everything i have to give and become part of a like minded community, but you may just find what you’ve been looking for ... all aboard the train to windy will.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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