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Hello and welcome to my Patreon! Here you will be seeing EXCLUSIVE content. Now, I'm pretty sure you're here because you've seen the video and are now reading the about section. (Yes, YOU.) On my Patreon, you'll being seeing exclusive story time videos that I wouldn't regularly upload to my channel. These are the ones that will either have you dying laughing or grossed out.
YouTube would normally demonitize these videos or take them down. One or the other. Also, you'll be getting an update as to what I'll be uploading that week or what kind of content you should be expecting to come to the channel. Basically the "Inside Scoop" Now, the question you've been looking for me to answer. "What will you be doing with the money we give you?"
Good question. The money will be put back into the channel. Whether it's upgrading the quality to 4K, or better production. This includes, upgrades to hardware, software, and editing. Giveaways will also be done with the money. There are specific goals that cater to different giveaways.
Give you an example: We'll start out with gift cards, then it COULD progress into CUSTOM BUILT PCs and Laptops. It all depends on how many are on board. So the more that join, the more juicier the giveaways get. I only did one tier because it's not asking for too much and it'll accrue over time. I see so many Patreons that have all these tiers but they don't equate to them whatsoever. Making them not worth the while. If you want to donate more than what the tier says, then feel free to do so. Thank you for taking the time to skim over this section (which I KNOW you did..) and I will see you on the other side!
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So, here we will do either a game, (Physical or Digital) Or gift cards. (PSN, XBL, Steam, Amazon, etc. Might do a custom controller.
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