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For ten dollars, I will write you a personalized short story. Somewhere around two thousand words. Whatever you want. If you have nothing in mind, I'll post an extra chapter of Charlie from the point of view of another character of your choice. Also, hey I'll name someone after you, why not.




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About jdogmoney

Hello there,

I'm a writer. I'm a writer who is writing a story called Charlie, available at jdogmoney.wordpress.com. Charlie is a story about using your brain in the best way possible, but it's also a story about a conman, or a story about a mysteriously shadowy organization, or a story about love, or a story about...well, a lot of things, and I don't want to give too much away. It's in the early stages as of this writing. I'm honestly not looking for patrons. Not yet.

I am writing Charlie to get better at writing, and that's why I'm releasing it a chapter at a time, online, for free. The chapters will increase in complexity and length as I go. They will also increase in number. If anyone does choose to support this story, I suggest the minimum possible donation with a monthly cap. I will write and update as much as I can; some months there will be many chapters and some there may be only a few. But the one thing that I will guarantee is that I will improve as I go. If you find that you like the way I write, then by all means yes I would love donations. 

I am committing myself to this story. I have no gainful employment. Charlie is my job, as of today. If I get support for Charlie, then I will be happy. If I don't, I am still committed. I'd like to eat, though, so...I leave it to your judgement. The story is totally free! And it will continue to be totally free, even after it's done. If it merits your financial support, then support me. Do so only on the quality of the work itself, which as I said is meant to improve with time. And is free. If it's not something you like yet, stick around. Who knows where the narrative may lead?

With all due respect,

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