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Hi everyone,

If you've made it here to my Patreon page then I'm going to assume you're either infected with the DSM sickness just as I am and I can totally understand why you're flat broke just as I am LOL. Just kidding. I am not asking anyone to help me out, I've made this journey with this car 10 years now by myself and I can always keep going myself. I was suggested to create the page for those who have found interest in my content.

I'm not the most creative or informative person in the DSM community by far but what I can share with you is what I've learned over 10 years of bringing my car from a completely stock 1997 Eclipse GST into a 10 second AWD street car. I've made a lot of mistakes and stupid purchases along the way like any other young person trying to have a good time but my goal here is to simply share some of my learned experience in what does and what doesn't work with these cars. While I'm at I'd like to throw a few projects and fun in along the way.

I started out as an industrial mechanic out of high school working on machinery, knowing only basic automotive tasks, oil changes, brakes etc. The 9 years I spent at this job, while not being directly related does share a lot of similar skills from reading and following instructions, understanding how tools work, fabrication, metal working, welding and basic electrical. It gave me a very good understanding of how things work and not to fear taking something apart and repairing it. A very intelligent fellow YouTuber AvE, once said, "If it's already fucked, you can't fuck it anymore", crude but direct to the point. I take that as don't be afraid to dig into something and try. A lot of people spend their hard earned cash to let someone else build their dream, what fun is that?

I'd never rebuilt a motor before, I'd never rebuilt transmissions before, I'd never welded before(well not very well anyway). I sat my butt down in front of the computer, did some googling, got distracted along the way, found that weird part of YouTube but eventually found my way back and got the info I needed to do something for myself. There are tons of people out there with potential who just need a little courage to try themselves.

Let's be honest, all of our beloved DSM's are getting on to 20+ years old, pretty much everything that can be done with these cars HAS indeed been done and the info is there at your finger tips. It may take a little work to find it and some has been lost, big fuck you to Photobucket, but someone, somewhere has posted it and discussed it. These cars work like pretty much every other car, suck, bang, blow and eventually the wheels spin.

What is my final goal with this car? To have fun. That's it. What is fun to me? Learning new things, challenging myself and meeting new friends along the way to share these experiences with. The car has become fairly recognized in the community over the years and I love meeting the people who are inspired by it and my work. It's not the fastest, I don't have unlimited funds to throw at it, it's got scrapes and chips and battle scars. It's not a showroom car by any means but that's ok. It gives me something to work on and improve a little here and a little there. If it was ever completed then it would no longer be a project and would simply be another car.

So I hope you'll stick around with me and my videos and if you ever see me out there, introduce yourself, I love meeting everyone.

Anything generated through Patreon will go towards new filming gear.

You can also follow my progress on Instagram;
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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