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is creating a new book about life's observations and lessons learned
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About Jerry Bundren

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jerry Bundren and I’m a committed Christian, husband and father. Recently I started working on my second book, Shopping With My Dad (and other Lessons Learned). My desire is that it will provide you, the reader, with some new insights, wisdom and encouragement as you travel through life.

I’ve provided the first chapter, “Shopping With My Dad,” for you “free of charge” whether you decide to sign up or not. I did so because I really think you’ll find it enjoyable and enlightening. Plus, it’ll give you a glimpse into the book and whether or not it resonates with you. Then, if it does, please, consider joining me on this journey. I believe that working together we can help make our world a better place, one person at a time.

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