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About Jessica Ellen Creane

Hi! My name is Jessica and I'm a game designer and performance artist based in Philadelphia and NYC. My work focuses on agency; how and why we, complex humans with a billion pulls on our attention every day, choose to take action in the world; be it holding doors open for others or living by a Kantian absolutist philosophy. This work often takes the form of a hybrid between the game design and theatrical performance and it is often durational in nature- lasting anywhere from a few hours to year to a lifetime.

The major themes of my work are intimacy, chaos, and climate change; all explorations of what it means to be alive in unstable times. One game, R&J, is digital game fostering intimacy among strangers, Chaos Theory is a playable theater piece wherein a lecture about chaos theory devolves into a series of interactive games inspired by the science of chaos theory, Jurassic Park, middle school crushes, and abstract math seminars, and I am currently an Artist-in-Residence with The National Parks Service creating a tabletop game about climate change and land conservation.

I have worked on Broadway, on mountaintops, and in the digital abyss, I teach theater and game design, and I hold an MFA in Devised, Physical Theater from The Pig Iron School of Advanced Performance Training and a BA in Political Communications and Creative Writing from The George Washington University.

What I need most of all in order to make big-picture experimental work is a) the knowledge that people like you are into this work and are on this journey with me, and b) the time and financial security to keep taking risks and to start to make work with a larger budget than whatever I can scratch together after rent and groceries have been paid for.  What I have to offer in return for your support is not only a deep, true, and humble gratitude but also tickets to performances, invitations to playtest of in-progress games and performances so you can see how the work gets made and have a and in making it, and a game designed specifically for you- a game that is for and about who you are as a person and how you move through the world. I love getting to know new people and making games for friends and it would be an absolute pleasure to design a game for you this year!

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