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Mixed Media Freelance Illustrator | Children's Book Illustrator and Author | Comic/Zine Artist | Concept and Storyboard Artist

Hello! My name is Jeffery.
Some may also know me as hellsxnt on other sites.
I'm trans, Agender, and go by they/them or Xe/Xem/Xeir pronouns.

Art is my passion.
Art has always been a passion of mine since a young age. It has been a way for me to express myself when words cannot. It has allowed me to feel free, and the characters I create keep me company. I want to share my passion with others, and inspire them to follow their dreams.
I continue to grow and develop my skills due to motivation and the wonderful support I'm given.

This helps me to continue to create self-published works, prints, animations, bookbound sketchbooks and more. Every bit also helps pay for supplies.
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