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First of all thank you SO much for thinking about becoming a patron!

I assume that you already know what I do, but for those of you who don't, I am an actor, stand-up comedian and broadcaster. I've been performing stand-up internationally since 2011, broadcasting on television networks since 2009, acting in feature films, tv series & video games since 2013 and became a video-gaming streamer in 2016. 

What I enjoy more than anything is creating a wide array of hilarious, thought-provoking, moving and empathetic content for an audience of bright, progressive individuals and I don't ever plan on stopping pursuing this passion with every ounce of my being.

Why do I need a Patreon page?

Over the past few years I have become more and more involved in the production of my own creative content, including daily live video-game broadcasts, a weekly comedy podcast called the 'Savage Snowflake Podcast', edited videos on my YouTube channel and recordings of my stand up comedy material. It's only with the support of my fan base that I can continue to fulfill this promise to make great content and give it the focus and dedication it requires. The patronage you provide helps me to pay my rent, bills and living costs each month to allow me 7 days a week to focus entirely on providing you with the highest quality videos, recordings, audio and live streams!

What will my Patreon pledge do for me?

I have re-shaped the entire Patreon tiers to ensure you get some exciting extra content for your monthly donations, a closer and more personal experience from me, your dedicated creator and also some pledges of respect and support from ME in return for your own. Whether it's joining in the private family movie nights each month, becoming a member of my coveted Cobra Squad in online co-op plays, receiving handmade gifts from me to thank you for your support or a social media follow to show that you're one of the inner-circle of legends keeping my creative pursuit afloat... you get back what you put in.

So take a look at the different tiers of Patreon-age, find some perks that suit you and I look forward to continuing to create, curate and perform brilliant material each and every single day for you as long as you remain my much appreciated audience!

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Leacher Fan
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You throw me a buck to show me that you love what I do. I promise to keep on doing it to show that love right back.
Leacher Squad
per month
Access to the private Heroes of Patreon Discord room on the Jeff Leach server, it's just for Patrons and me.

Your handle/real name will appear on my 'Heroes of Patreon' intro and outro card on each and every live stream 6 days a week.
Leacher Savage
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You will be sent the Savage Snowflake Podcast episode on a Tuesday evening, 24hrs before everyone else gets to listen to it.

Leacher Aficionado
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You will have access to the bi-weekly 'Family Movie Night'. Every other Sunday all initiates are invited to join an online viewing of a classic/cult or downright ridiculous movie on the free website. We all watch the film together and are connected via a chat & cam program so we can laugh and talk during the movie.


Leacher Lieutenant
per month
Each month you will receive a personalized hand-written postcard from me thanking you for your support. Expect inappropriate doodles, a joke or a poem on the back!


You will receive a follow on instagram or twitter. Simply let me know which one and your username to follow.


Leacher Legend
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You will be personally thanked at the end of every episode of the Savage Snowflake Podcast. All of the listeners will know that you are one of the sugar daddies/mommies who keep baby boy in Gucci boxer briefs. There's nothing cooler than hearing your name be purred out by my dulcit tones on a weekly basis.


Your actual human face will appear as a character in Patrick Swaggsy's coveted 'Hall Of Leachers' as a member of the inner sanctum on my live streams. Your handle/real name will also appear on the Leacher board behind him. You just got inducted into the inner circle you mysterious legend. Everyone will know that you're one of the core crew keeping the dream alive.


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