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About Jellyfish Games

Who are we?

We are Jellyfish Games, an indie game dev company of four, distributed across Canada and Sweden. We recently released our first title to It's currently in Closed Alpha, which means you can buy and play it right now but you can't publish or otherwise distribute screenshots or footage.

We love games!

We really do! We love games so much so that it's what what we do all day! We see the potential for a future where game developers get to focus on making the most innovative and imaginative games they can.

The reality is however that we are humans, and it turns out that humans need to eat AND pay rent-- every month! As you might imagine this incentivizes developers to make games that make money over making something new and interesting (and untested in the market). In our opinion, this needs to change!

Here is your chance to help us make this the ultimate timeline using the next generation of crowd funding, Patreon!

Why Patreon?

We're a team of four with decades of industry experience between us. By keeping the team small and working from home (in 4 different cities, no less!), we keep our costs as low as they can go. Unfortunately, the peaks-and-valleys nature of game sales or occasional contracts when times are tight make it difficult to make the kinds of long-term plans needed for true innovation.

By spreading out the money we receive from our supporters into small recurring pledges, we can plan further into the future at the cost of a coffee or slice of pizza, while remaining accountable to our promises to you in the long-term.

This allows us greater creative freedom and works as an example to help drive the change we want to see in game development.

What do you get?

For the moment, your pledges will support the continued development of Astrobase Command. Our first reward is access to the Astrobase Command novel, a parallel creative endeavour Max has undertaken in his spare time to help explore Astrobase's storytelling possibilities. Read all about it here.

We have more rewards in the works, too, so our thanks for your support will continue to evolve and improve as time goes on. 

If the Patreon goes as well as we think it will, we want to use it as a springboard for a whole host of other creative ideas by us and in collaboration with other creators.

If you believe what we're doing to be the right thing, consider becoming a patron!

Can I just buy your game?

Sure! You can currently pick from a few options on our  Store Page.
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