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Stuff in Scout’s Honour started originally over the last few years by gathering pet based donations monthly once or twice a month, over 15 THOUSAND pounds of food and countless supplies for primarily Bullies In Need, ARF, and the All Breed Canine Rescue that Scout originally came from to be able to help them continue to do the amazing work that they do. A few people have asked me what this new job I’ve been doing with these human donations is all about. This isn’t a job! I’ve gone through a rough two years and this is just the result of a gal trying to do some good and make a difference in an otherwise sometimes cruel world.

At the start of 2018 I became aware of not only how many more people were without homes and in shelters, but how low on supplies shelters were because of this. After learning about a church that had opened up it’s doors as additional shelter attached to a preexisting 24hr drop in shelter, and how many of these people didn’t even have as much as shoes, let alone a blanket to keep themselves warm, I knew I had to do something. I started gathering donations from friends (now businesses as well!), fundraising and sourcing out discounted products (fleece blankets for $2.99, plus sized t-shirts for $1, brand new shoes for $9, floor length down jackets at $10 from a clearance blow out, and even 20 socks for $10), and borrowing vehicles to be able to pick up and drop off all these items 5+ times a month to the Margaret’s East Drop in Centre and All Saints Community Church.

I’m looking to create a full coat drive for the winter, but ideally I’d love to be able to provide additional goods monthly whether it be a ton of socks, shoes, maybe even 94 leashes to Save Our Scruff which happened just the other day. I want to continue giving back to the community in a big way, providing assistance to shelters to be able to continue getting people back on their feet, actively help those in need, and I need your help doing it!
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