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About Jen-Jen Rose

Hello there! I'm JenJen, Digital Artist & Creator of the Webcomic 4-Panel Life.

I currently work full-time as a free-lance artist creating comics and illustrations for the world to enjoy!

This Patreon helps support me to continue doing what I do, and exchange for your support you will gain access to exclusive content and goodies!

Patron Benefits ($1+)
- Behind the Scenes access & Style Studies
- Sketches & WIPS
- Art Tutorials & Speedpaints
- Polls
- Monthly Commission raffle
- Invite to Private Discord server "The Rose Garden"
- And more to come!

((  This Patreon is currently under re-consturction, but will be in full form very soon! ))

Current Projects:

 The Rose Garden 
General collection of my artwork! Which includes both original and fan-inspired illustrations, behind the scenes looks at how I do my art, and upcoming merchandise I have in the works

 (Our) 4-Panel Life 
Second season of my original webcomic "4-Panel Life" ! Now featuring my husband and our adorable dog-son Dandy, this is a slice-of-life comic following daily happenings of me and my small family.

 Dandy Days!
Slice-of-life comics about the adorable and cheeky baby corgi- Dandy! 

Sweet Peach
A sweet & sexy illustration series ft. cute girls!
( SFW versions will be available for patrons, NSFW versions will be availble via gumroad 🍑 )

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New comics and new illustrations every month!
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