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  • The Warm and Fuzzies.

Your dollar will pay for the pastries and coffee that I turn into comics via my artist metabolism.
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Bonus Booty is an archive where I post behind the scenes sketches, audio notes, and extra comics. I will also post some Bonus Booty updates here for those that give $5 or more.



About Jennie Breeden

My name is Jennie Breeden. I've been drawing The Devil's Panties since 2001. The Devil's Panties is a daily comic about the weird and funny things that happen to me. It's kind of like a journal comic. Jesus and the Devil swing by once in a while to smoke pot and argue about the human race, but other than that, it's totally almost semi-autobiographical:

I've described webcomics as a coffee shop that gives coffee away for free but sells the coffee accessories. I post something new to my website each day, then I put books and pins and shot glasses in my store and hope for the best. Up to this point I have not found a way to be paid for the comics that I draw.  

Enter Patreon.

With Patreon, readers of the comic can support me directly for my main work, allowing me more time to focus on producing comics, and less time figuring out roundabout ways of harnessing dollars from your giggles.

Some of your dollars will go to coffee.

The coffee is needed.
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I want to take the advertisers off of the Devil's Panties website. 

Advertising on websites is a bit of a necessary evil to offset the cost of running the website. Patreon helps me keep the lights on and pay for the internet. Advertising on the site helps pay for hosting and webpage expenses. If I can reach $2k a month then this covers most of my expenses and I can host the Devil's Panties without advertisers.
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