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I'm an aspiring writer, artist, and teacher looking to leave a majestic footprint on our world by promoting self-reliance, fostering inspiration, and alleviating anxiety in young adults.

These projects are intended to make creativity fun instead of seeming like a chore or competition. While attempting a mini adventure, honestly answering a tough question, or working with a friend on a collaborative project, we don't have an obligation to represent the whole of humanity. We don’t need to entertain our readers, offer wisdom, be conscientious of preaching or lecturing, write only what we think will sell, or what will be read by a large readership. Right now, our one job is to allow our imagination to materialize. Our job is: collaborate, try, and learn.

My method is simple, but full of power:

THE YA PUBLICATION PROJECT | A literary vlog inspiring young adults to create and pursue writing, literature, and publishing. Pledges help conduct research, interviews, mini adventures, filming, and editing content.

BATTLEGROUND | I'm currently pursuing publication for my first contemporary YA novel. Pledges help with hiring a professional editor and investing in marketing and publicity (including book tours).

HEADSCRIBBLES | A collaborative webcomic written by me and illustrated by an up-and-coming comic artist. Pledges help us continue to create work that is distributed online for free!

THINKIES & THOUGHTIES | Grab a cup of coffee — or something a little stronger — and sit down, open up, and answer challenging questions every Friday. Pledges supplement time spent brainstorming better than good answers during the course of a week, every week, forever.

DR. HORRIBLE RENDITIONS | The incredible renditions of “Brand New Day” and “Everything You Ever” from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog by Joss Whedon.

OTHER PROJECTS | Miscellaneous extremely cool things I do.

Every single pledge, whether $1 or $10, further enables me to explore and share self-exploration and adventures in the community. The more reliable my Patreon is as a source of income, the more time I have to experiment in ways that are fun, inspiring, and benefiting to all who are involved.

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Onward! I officially launch the Mini Adventure Club, a band of young adults eager to participate in collaborative mini adventures.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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