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A Generous Kindness Indeed
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Thank you for the support! Every little bit helps. Subscribing to this tier and all other tiers gives you a chance to see exclusive in-process versions of recent work including alternate linework, different colorings, and blue-line treatments!

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Supporting me at this tier gets you a thank you sketch! If you have a request mention it in a PM! Sketches will be posted to the Patron page and Tumblr (@jenniferstolzer)

Special Babylon 6 Support Tier
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Special monthly support tier to aid in the production of my Babylon 5 sequel webcomic, Members joining at this teir will receive special updates about the comic and opportunities to submit names and concepts to the project going forward. 



About Jennifer Stolzer

This patreon is to help support me in my various non-commercial artistic ventures! If you enjoy fanart, comics, etc and want to help make them possible, please sign up! All it takes is a dollar to be able to see rough pre-production bonuses of recent work!
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