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About Jenn Reese

Jenn here, welcoming you to my patreon page! In case you don't know me, here's the snapshot:

  • I'm the author of the Above World series of books for kids, published by Candlewick Press.
  • I've published short stories, essays, and reviews in some great places, such as The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, and the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology Paper Cities
  • I freelance as a graphic designer, mostly creating book covers (with Tiger Bright Studios) and websites (with Clockpunk Studios). 
  • I like to draw animals and other cute critters, and am always experimenting with my developing style. (I love InkTober, so expect more art in October!)
  • I design t-shirts and stickers (among other things), which I sell at places like TeePublic and Redbubble. I have plans to branch out into enamel pins.
  • I play a lot of video games. 
  • I've recently started to knit. 
  • I live in Portland, Oregon.

Why Patreon?
Two reasons. First, I wanted a place where I could control what people see about me and my work, and where I wouldn't be subject to the ever-changing whims of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Second, making money is a scramble for freelancers. I'd love to spend less time chasing paying gigs and more time making art and writing stories. I'm close to living my dream -- I can see it there on the horizon -- I just need a little more wind in my sails in order to get there. (In this metaphor, you are the wind.)

What to Expect
If you support me, you're supporting all of me -- not just the writing part or the design part. Sometimes I'll be all about my new book, sometimes I'll be drawing every day, and sometimes I'll take six thousand pictures of my walk through a park and want to show you most of them. Basically, you're getting me and my life, in all its messy, chaotic glory. Right now, I anticipate making 3-8 updates per month, some of which might be rather silly.

Support Me For Free!
You can "follow" me for free (that link on the left, under the number of patrons) to get most updates. The more, the merrier! 

Support Me With Money!
Sometimes I'll post content for patrons only -- personal videos or works-in-progress, that sort of thing. There is only one level of patron. If you're in for $1/month, you get the same access as someone who's in for $25/month. I will be just as grateful no matter the amount.

Will There Be Cats?
YES. I'm surprised you even asked.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts