Jen Ward

is creating the Jenuine Healing Forest & Healing Center
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About Jen Ward

I came here and survived for a reason. My vision is to reinstate world peace through reseeding the world with the wonderful dynamics of truth and love as demonstrated through the wisdom of the trees. My goal is to reintroduce the interactive dynamics between trees and humans that was the norm before the genocide of the crusades Female empowerment is linked with the wisdom of the trees. My vision is to create an interactive healing forest to reseed the world with truth and enlightenment.

Add the synergy of your energy to my vision of shifting the world to peace where trees are respected and each individual is valued and respected for their uniqueness. It is not a pipe dream. We have a blueprint. Donations of all amounts are welcome. The support in this way is not losing something but a conduit for higher intentions to move through you and move you closer to peace in your own life.

Read the story of my vision for the Jenuine Healing Forest and Healing Center

My main goal with this page is to start raising money to buy land for a Jenuine Healing forest and build a Jenuine Healing Center. These are huge intentions - but that is what I teach people to strive for and what I am striving for. Thank you for your support. Please join me in unfurling my pure intention.

Every single day I post original and uplifting techniques, podcasts, videos, poems, quotes and photos to help ease the suffering in the private world of the individual. I write and publish books and e-books as well. We have all been through the most trying and life-altering experiences that remain locked in the basement of our psyche. The key to awakening from the numbing isolation is the understanding that we are not alone in this. We are dynamic in our ability to endure. Now it is time to thrive.

I use all that I have learned from my own life-altering experiences as a means to support the individual in whatever condition they are in. This is the alchemy. To turn our heavy hearts into a golden chalice. Together we are the lovers of life, the peace holders, the perpetual dreamers, the enlightened, the awakened. It is possible. It is time. It is now.

I feel others issues. It feels like being in a stuffy room or experiencing being in a low level cloud. Instead of running away, I stay, and dissipate the clouds. This doesn't only happen fro individuals but for groups and issues. A pure intention fueled by a loving heart has never seen it's limitations. There are none.

One Little Human

One little Human
Falling away from the pack
Can restore hope to the world
'Bring humanity back.

One little human
Stepping away from the crowd
Can feel the anguish of the multitudes
And voice it out loud

One little human
Scarred and nearly broken
Can take faith, hope and love
Where it's never been spoken

One little human
Abiding by love's creed
Can heal the whole planet
Let's wish it God speed.

One little human
It may very well be you
Can teach all other humans
What they are able to do.

Jen Ward
$102 of $2,000 per month
Buy land for a Jenuine Healing forest. 

We are using these financial goals just to get momentum going. More details will emerge as we grow closer.

I have created a forest of baby tree saplings on the balcony of my apartment. It started out as a project to validate trees in the world for their contribution. It has become so much more. These trees are love and respected and now have namesakes. They share such insights and wisdom. Some of the techniques I share come directly from them. Initially I was going to give them away. But they want to stay together and I want to stay as their caretaker.  My first rule of business is to manifest land for us to all stay together. They I can continue to share their wisdom and add to their numbers. Maybe more people will gather an appreciation for trees and green life forms. It is such a beautiful gift that so many may not be awakened to yet. I wish to hold a place for them on the planet until more people awaken to their unlimited value.
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