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About JEPR - PC & Mobile Game Developer

Hello everyone! My name is Juan Pedraza and I'm a 25 years old game developer with 2 years of experience on Unity and almost 10 years among other development platforms.

Over the last two years I've created a few videogames and put them in the mobile market, now I'm about to take the next step and publish two videogames for PC through Steam! You can see more of my work here below on my portfolio:

I work really hard on everything I do and I put all my heart into it, this has been my passion for over a decade and it feels beautiful to finally be working more and more in my dream, however, I now want to take it to the next level and get to hopefully work full-time on this, I have a lot of good ideas for games I'd love to see in the market and I'm sure many of you will as well.

Your support won't go unnoticed however, you will get amazing rewards depending on the rewards tier you choose, which go from getting free access to demos, credits or special mentions in-game to full games and even exclusive content and honorable mentions in-game with clickable links to your own content.

Now, allow me to show you a little bit of what I've done.


This is a videogame that is going to be available for Windows/Mac/Linux through Steam, the first alpha demo release will be hopefully next month (October 2017).

This is a SciFi/Cosmic Horror Survival Game that takes place in a forsaken planet where all sentient life was wiped away under mysterious circumstances. A group of elite special operations soldiers were sent to the planet after a group of scientists went missing on said planet, what secrets lie beneath the God-forsaken planet?


This is also a horror game, this game is quite... different from Paradise Lost, because it's not the same kind of horror, this is a Psychological Horror game.

Prelude is all about you, waking up in a mysterious place that looks a lot like you old hometown... but not quite the same place, you are confused because of the surroundings, you don't know what to do, where to go, who to talk to... you're all alone in this place.

During your journey to find an escape you stumble across many horror, many creatures that lurk in the shadows, just looking at you, waiting for the right moment to attack.

The focus on this game is not using the same route as other classic horror games but to do something new (or at least that's what i want), give you the feeling of hopelessness and fear of the unknown and unfathomable. Trying to survive in this world that was once the place you called home, completely isolated from friends and family, stuck in this infinite loop of despair and fear just looking for a way out of what you could call a nightmare.


Derelict is my first full-fledged videogame on the market, this game is available for both iOS & Android and it's a SciFi First Person Shooter, this game takes places in an abandoned gigantic space station that went missing for almost 20 years until it was finally found.

You play as an elite soldier who is sent into the station for two reasons, one to find out what happened to the station, and two to retrieve the data in it's database at the core of the station and destroy it afterwards.

As you enter the old station you realize just how huge it is, but what really surprises you is the fact that it actually has ecosystems in it, artificial environments created to be inhabited by peculiar creatures that live in the galaxy for the government to study. You soon realize that other purpose it had was to contain and study mysterious and ferocious creatures as well...

The place seems devoid of life but... is it really?

The game is fully functional but I stopped making updates because there wasn't enough feedback from the gaming community and I decided to work on new projects. Here are the download links as well as more photos and the last video made:

Apple AppsStore:

Android's Google Play:

If you want to see more of my other projects and work please take a look at my portfolio, and i really hope you like what you see and help me work full time on this, you will get amazing rewards for supporting my work.

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