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Hi everyone!
This is my first try to find patreons.
I am a french music creator since 20 years and i try now to find help to continue my activity.
I work on computer with electronical and electrical instruments to make music i like in  many different styles like metal, industrial, electro, classical synth and collages.
I work on solo songs everyday i can, but i have two projects including friends.
The first one is "Aaarrrghhh!!!" including solo songs and others with the intervention of many friends.
The second one is DISUSED FACTORY for which i am only vocalist and sound engineer.
this one is a web band created by Jay C who is living in center Quebec.
I just can't stop music, it helps me to feel alive and it helps me not to go insane in this world in full crisis.
Sometimes i make some videos to support the published songs.

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