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About Jeremy Crow

My Journey

My name is Jeremy Crow and I have dedicated the past 22 years of my life towards uncovering the hidden mysteries of the occult. Even earlier in my youth I learned how to read tea leaves and was practicing lucid dreaming but hadn't seriously dedicated myself to the esoteric arts and sciences until I turned 17. At that point I got seriously into ritual magick and the Tarot.

I was raised to the degree of Master Mason in the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraïm. I was mentored for five years by Tau Cerinthus, Gnostic Bishop of Canada, which resulted in my ordination as a Gnostic Priest, initiation into the Martinist Order to the degree of S::I:: and knighted in the Portugal lineage of the Knights Templar Order. I've held officer’s roles in several Esoteric Orders including the Golden Dawn & the O.T.O. I became a founding member of Electro-Industrial music project “Pleasure The Priestess,” delved deeply into Taoist Tantra and received mentoring in lab & internal alchemy from Rubaphilos.

Where I'm At Now

I have become a profoundly different person from the earnest but naive young man who first embarked on this quest. Today I am a Master of the Tarot, a seasoned Walker-Between-Worlds and have proudly adopted the label Luciferian. I have risen to become the head of two international occult and philosophical organizations (Ordo Luciferi and the Assembly of Light Bearers) and have personally crafted two Esoteric Orders (Ziggurat of Enki and the Titanic Order of Prometheus.)

I founded and continue to run the Luciferian Research Society, an independent social networking site for Left Hand Path Occultists. I produced the first International Left Hand Path Conference back in 2012 and have continued to play a role in similar events since then. Most recently co-hosting the upcoming Flambeau Noir, an occult conference being held in Ottawa, Canada the weekend of April 28th to 30th, 2017.

The Mission

I am passionately inspired to spearhead projects that will empower individuals and encourage a greater sense of community among those of us with esoteric interests. To this end, I have spent decades sharing the knowledge and experience I've acquired by writing articles, giving regular lectures with group discussion, making videos and podcasts in addition to directly tutoring individuals.

I've co-written a book with Michael W. Ford. I've self-published one of my own and have solid plans for over 13 additional books which are in various stages of progress. My band is about to release a new album and I'm developing a three-day Lucid Dreaming workshop. With the launch of this Patreon campaign I am making the commitment to release a new video every week. As I gain more support, I will continue to devote more time and resources towards improving both the quality and quantity of material I produce.

How You Can Participate

I would love for you to be part of all this! There are several ways you can get involved. The easiest thing you can do is simply enjoy the free content I'm putting out. Without a community there isn't much point in producing content and hosting events. If you come across one of my videos (or podcast episodes, blog posts, albums, events, etc...) that you particularly resonate with, please share it with your friends directly or through social media. Sharing this stuff around has a huge impact.

Attending events is one of the best ways you can participate in the movement. I want to see you in person! I want to crack jokes with you over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer. I want you to interact with the other people attending the events and to collaborate on your own projects together. I'm talking about the large conferences but also the regular local meetings of the Assembly of Light Bearers, for example.

Finally, another important way to participate is by contributing financial support to these projects. This Patreon campaign allows you to easily set up a recurring monthly subscription for as low as one dollar per month. This gets you access to the community of Patrons here. At higher levels of support you will unlock additional perks that I have set up to show my gratitude. You can change your subscription level every month if you want. This can be useful if you want to take advantage of higher level perks for just one month. Alternatively, if you need to tighten the budget for a few months you can lower your subscription level and then put it back up again when your budget allows.

How Will The Money Be Used?

It would be absolutely amazing to work on these projects full-time. The truth is that my occult pursuits have thus far been entirely a labour of love. I generally put more money into these projects than I ever get back. To give you some background, I typically work 60 hours each week at my mundane job in order to support my family and to progress towards our financial goals. Some of the money that you contribute will allow me to reduce those hours at my day job and dedicate more time to occult projects. This will mean more content being produced.

In addition, I intend to use some of the money to upgrade my facilities and equipment as well as hiring people to assist me on projects. This will result in higher quality content. I would love to start producing high end podcasts again. The amount of effort and resources required (i.e. research, recording, editing and audio engineering) has been difficult to justify these past few years but with your support all of that can change. Let's see how far we can take this together!
$5 of $1,000 per month
Once I reach $1000 per month I will begin to produce and publicly release a new podcast episode of roughly 45 minutes in length every two months (6 per year.)
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