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Any amount, no matter how small, will be very helpful to me and my dependants, during this bright and busy Edinburgh Fringe time. Thank you for your kind support and generosity.

Jeremy x

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The amount of £500 will cover some payments and costs for a week while I’m at Edinburgh. For this I‘d like to offer you 2 free tickets for any one of my shows at Edinburgh this year. And 1x1 hour coaching session.
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This amount of £1,000 will cover some of my professiobal running costs while at Edinbugh this year. For this I‘d be very pleased to offer

you 2 free tickets for 3 of my Edinburgh shows. You choose which 3. And 1x2 hour one-to-one coaching session.




Hello there,

I hope you’re having a happy and peaceful time, where ever you are. And that all is well and good in your corner of our crazy and beautiful world.

My name is Jeremy and I make curious life-affirming theatre that connects people and cultures, and celebrates the cosmic in the comic and the humour in the human condition.

I am looking for patronage great and small that will help cover my costs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and help me support my dependants. I am involved in 6 productions up there this year, which is quite a big risk, but a heart-felt commitment. 

As you know, Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a vibrant, exciting, multi-cultural - but costly place to be. I do hope you can help me. And, if possible, join me - on this journey of hope, inspiration, and opportunity for all. I’ll tell you more about this in a moment.

But first, here’s some general information on me and my work I hope it piques your curiosity. I’d be delighted to have your feedback on the site. And I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. 

I am from London, England, originally, of Celtic roots. And I live in a wooden house in the trees in the German countryside. But that’s another story...

About ten consequtive days a month I’m working in London with actors and creatives. The rest of the time, I’m either working at home or elsewhere. And I have a long and established association working with RADA and the BBC. I have taught and worked with many actors and creators who have gone on to achieve great and well deserved fame, success, and fortune all over the world. I’m sure you would know who they are. 

I like to share new skills and techniques and ancient wisdoms. More on my teaching work here. Your feedback and questions on my work are much appreciated. Please let me know what you think. 

Nick Herne publishing have asked me to write a book on my methods - but I’m too busy earning a living on a variety of projects to stop and complete the task. Perhaps you can help by affording me the time to do so. I’d love to talk with you about it. I’d be happy to offer coaching in my methods - in person, or online - in exchange from your kind support with the book. And you’d get one of the very first copies.

My work in making, devising, directing, performing, and teaching combines the philosophical and psychological with the practical and physical. I’m always happy to talk about this. Here’s a recent interview I did for London's Soho Radio. It offers a bit of background on my work. I hope you enjoy the music too -
Your feedback on this would be most welcome. 

I have been in theatre all my life, and have worked around the world. I delight in cultural and creative exchange and sharing and discovering new ways and ancient wisdoms. 

There’s lots about me on the web. Most recently a host of 4 &
5 star reviews for two stage shows - in both I played the lead. They were  KEN and A SOCKFUL OF CUSTARD. These shows encourage risk and freedom, curiosity, and self expression, and celebrate the mighty maverick in us all. 

I’be performing in both those shows at this year’s Edinburgh Festival fringe - the biggest theatre festival in the world.

As well appearing in these every day for four week, I am directing four other wonderfully inspiring and life-affirming productions -

These are all at prestigious venues with some wonderfully talented and inspiring people. I’d love you to see them. I’d love you to be involved. 

As I’m sure you are aware, living and working at the Edinburgh fringe is very costly - as is staying away from home for four weeks - with no income! I would be delighted by your patronage to get me through this wonderfully intensive and productive time. A time of great sharing and potential. 

I have calculated a specific sum of money, £8,572,23, that will allow me to pay my costs, survive without income or financial concern, relax into the festival, and enjoy creative and artistic exchanges to the full. Having all costs covered would be a weight off my mind.

As my teacher Alan Watts said ‘Sometimes we need to go out of our minds, in order to come to our senses!’ By really coming to our senses and by encouraging others to do so, we surely make the world a better place. This is, in my opinion at least, the responsibility of the artist and those who kindly support and patronise the arts. My next theatre project - next year - is about Alan Watts. 

Can you help? I hope so. I can offer you 2 free tickets to all 6 of my Edinburgh shows with your Golden Ticket patronage. And these productions are really well worth experiencing. 

I’d love to hear back from you when you have a moment. 

With thanks, joy, respect, and all good wishes. Much metta. 


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My fist goal is to cover my costs while earning nothing, appearing in 2 and directing 4 exciting new shows at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. To survive up there for 4 weeks and cover all costs, I need just £8,572.23. I’d be happy if you would help me embrace and engage with this incredible opportunity, and share my work with many people at the festival this year. 
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