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About Jeriah Bowser

Jeriah is an autodidact in the truest sense of the word - a self-educated, working-class, organic intellectual who is engaging in the world of ideas not as an academic professional, but as an irreverent dissident. His ideas rest not on a platform of Modernist authority, but on anti-modernist humility. His personal experiences with fundamentalism, trauma, and ignorance drive his research as he searches for truth, beauty, and authenticity in a world which feels anything but. 

Jeriah chose to forego the path of compulsory education when he was 14 in favor of direct, unmediated, experiential learning about our world. Since then, he has worked over 35 jobs (he may or may not have a small problem with authority) while simultaneously self-educating himself in such various fields as philosophy, theology, anthropology, ancestral skills, sociology, psychology, ethnobotany, mythology, ecology, history, and many other areas of interest which don't fit neatly into academic categories. 

As a writer, Jeriah is primarily interested in understanding and exploring the tension between wildness and civilization; he is especially interested in the effects of domestication on the human species.  As a career wilderness therapy guide, he has spent the last decade facilitating wilderness immersion experiences for radically domesticated humans. This work has proven to be deeply meaningful and healing to his own process, and the majority of his ideas have been formed from Jeriah's experiences in the field. 

By supporting Jeriah and other autodidacts, you are also making a statement. You are saying that the production of knowledge and pursuit of valuable ideas belongs not only to those who have proved themselves loyal bearers of Modernist Truth, but also to those who are interested in what might exist outside of that paradigm. Autodidactism, as an intellectual tradition, carries with it the enormous legacy and responsibility of looking outside the sanctions of academia for answers, of challenging established traditions and paradigms, of rejecting specialization insularity and parochialism, of offending the sensibilities of withered old men, of touching idols with hammers as with tuning forks.

In addition to the thousands of books he has read, Jeriah regularly audits university classes (both undergraduate and graduate), corresponds with academics and professionals of all stripes, participates in book groups and forums, contributes regularly to online philosophical forums and discussions, authors books and essays which can be viewed at his website, and chairs the Hampton Institute's Ecology and Sustainability department.

As Jeriah is not interested in perpetuating the myth of Property and therefore has no desire to copyright or sell any of his writings, the format provided by Patreon seems like the least distasteful way for people to support his work. Although he has never received financial compensation for his writing in the past, he feels that he is unable to pursue his ideas to the extent that they deserve as he is currently working several jobs while domestically supporting his partner in her endeavors.

While Jeriah does not feel that he is any more deserving of financial support than any other autodidact, he is hoping that those who have been influenced by his ideas and feel that they are valuable will consider supporting him on a monthly basis, with the intention of helping him spend less time trading his hours for the means to subsistence and more time researching and writing about why we have created and continue to accept these humiliating and alienating arrangements, and hopefully how we can find our way out of them.


Providing some sort of reward for the varying levels of support is not very relevant to my work right now, but I am open to ideas and suggestions. For now, just give what you can, and I will keep publishing essays and working on my projects. If you have a request or suggestion as to a specific topic you would like me to explore, please let me know. If one of my projects seems of particular interest and you would like me to prioritize it, just let me know.

For more information about the various books, essays, projects, and journals I am working on, click here.

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$400 a month in support would be unbelievably excellent. This would allow me to quit at least one of my three jobs, allowing me more time for researching and writing my book on wilderness therapy. I would most likely be able to finish and publish this book within a year of obtaining this goal. I would also start putting in much more effort towards getting the Journal out of my head and into your greedy little hands.
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