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About Daniel Kaufman

Remember before we listened to everything on our smartphones, there was radio? And there was this cool thing called public radio where people could talk about one thing for a long time? The Myoclonic Jerk Podcast is in that tradition. It's not about news of the day or celebrity gossip or fashion (except for the episode about fashion). It's about big questions. What's it all about, man? How should we see and treat each other? That said, it never gets too stuffy, and you'll get plenty of laughs along with the brain food.  
Unlike public radio, there are no pledge drives. But like with public radio, your money is welcome! Not only would an income allow me to buy goods and services, but it would help me feel encouraged to keep making more shows for you to enjoy. When someone at a party asks me what I do for a living, I would so love to say I make this show.
And listen, if you don't have any bucks to spare or you'd rather spend those bucks on something else, no hard feelings. I still greatly appreciate your ears.

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