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About Jerry Brown Travels

Hello there! My name is Jerry Brown, from the YouTube channel Jerry Brown Travels.
My wife Lori and I have been traveling the world for 40 years. For the past 4 years, we have been creating free YouTube videos about the cost of living, traveling, and retiring in countries like Mexico, Cambodia, Laos, And South East Asia,  

Each month, I spend many hours creating these informational videos to help people who want to travel or retire on a budget. With the ad revenue I gain from YouTube, that means I'm earning about $4 USD per One VideoI it takes me about 25 hours to produce one video.
I created Patreon for those who find my Jerry Brown Travels videos entertaining, valuable, and useful.

If you have gotten value out of my free YouTube videos, please consider pledging a monthly amount to show your appreciation.
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With $500 pledged from all <g>Patrons</g> we will be able to upgrade our editing software to provide you with higher quality videos.
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