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About Jerry Lentz

I'm a very independent artist. I will be making films, videos, books, podcasts. I'm not interested in blockbusters or success through corporate sales. I am very interested in the process of creating something that might spark an idea or trigger the memory of a dream in another person. The work I'm interested in creating is so far below the radar for Hollywood, the publishing industry or corporate broadcasting, that I believe and feel that my connection to my audience (YOU!) is the highest reward and success.

I want to build a close network of friends and patrons, and create for us alone.

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The Jerry Lentz Podcast
This weekly podcast will contain behind the scenes talk about my books, art and film projects. Interviews with interesting people, discussions and comments on the world of filmmaking, writing, comedy, and more... The funds will go to Internet costs and fees related to the marketing of the show.

One Book a Month
These monthly books will contain unusual stories of the paranormal, horror, science-fiction, erotica, non-fiction, humor, and more...

One Short Film a Week
These weekly short films will contain unusual stories of the paranormal, horror, science-fiction, and more... Featuring some of the best special makeup and horror effects by many of today's leading artists from Ed Edmunds' Distortions Unlimited, seen on the reality television series that aired on the Travel channel, called Making Monsters. The funds will go to Internet costs, shipping and film festival submission fees related to the creation and marketing of the short film. Here's an example of a short film that is currently playing at various film festivals around the world.

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