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About Jeshields - RPG Stock Art

Hey, thanks for stopping by!
My name is James Shields, but most people online know me as Jeshields. I create illustrations for the RPG industry. I have always wanted to give to the community in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. This project allows me to create illustrations inspired by your ideas.

Before working on paid commissions, I will spend an hour or so drawing something fun and creative as a warm-up illustration. These images will be based on inspiration that comes from ideas submitted by patrons.

Most of the time, I will create FOUR black and white illustrations each WEEK. As inspiration hits me, I may opt to color an existing image instead of creating a new one. A more complicated image may take an additional day to complete.

The number of illustrations will fluctuate each week, but the bare minimum I will release each month is TEN different illustrations.

I want to give to the RPG community, so each week, one image will be released to the public for FREE. I may choose which illustration or I may allow patrons to choose.

So what are you waiting for? Come be a part of this.
As a patron, you get:
  • Access to my stock art before anybody else.
  • A voice to inspire the illustrations I create.
  • A discount when you buy stock art directly from me.
Previews of existing stock art can be found HERE.

All illustrations may be used for commercial purposes.
You can download the few restrictions to using my artwork HERE.
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Monthly Character Giveaways!
Once a month, on Twitch, I will roll dice to randomly select a patron to receive a custom character illustration in either full color or with a background!
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