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About Jesse Tise

Hi there! My name's Jesse Tise. I work as a freelance illustrator and printmaking instructor by day, and in between all that I write and create original comics. I learned about the independent/small press side of publishing during my art school days, putting together lots of handmade booklets and zines. I started my first webcomic, Electric Candyland, in 2013. Its about a girl named Liz, and her rival, Hannah, who travel between different dimensions to recover technology stolen from their world by an alien thief. I didn't have a real plan going into the comic, but it quickly grew into something bigger, with new characters and worlds waiting to be explored. Since Electric Candyland, I've also made The Golden Harp and Idol Eyes, two full-color comics that also feature Liz and her fellow agents of Leaflet Lab. Their mission is to document and explore the strange new alien worlds around them.
I eventually plan on pitching a longer Leaflet Lab story to a traditional publisher, and right now, I'm serializing a new comic about Leaflet Lab ranger, Fowler, exclusive to Patreon-backers. Additionally, you'll also get previews of illustrations for upcoming books, as well as time-lapse videos of my digital drawing process. Your pledge helps make all this happen! Thanks for your time, and I hope you consider donating. 

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