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There is nothing I love more than making people laugh. I will never stop using words, characters, and stories to connect with the world in the language I love most: humor. If you're here and you already know me, thanks for the support--it means more to me than I can say without using the F-word a lot. If you're here and you don't know me, I hope you'll join this hilarious ride we're on.

While I continue to write and publish humorous fiction novels, I'm also starting a podcast featuring The Real Housebirds of Kansas, based on characters created while I was birdwatching (and drinking...a lot). I plan for this to be biweekly, or weekly if the birds are really active, through the spring and summer, and monthly in the fall and winter as they slow down a bit. I am so excited to branch out (hehe...see what I did there?) with these crazy girls and their laugh-out-loud drama.
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