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About Jessica Parker

Hi! I'll try and keep this concise because I have a tendency to ramble. I've been doing special effects makeup by myself, in my bedroom, for about a decade now (dear god, I'm old). A couple of years ago I set up an Instagram and then a YouTube channel to try and share my work with other people that love the same weird and creepy things as me. I've found an amazing community online and I want to turn this into a full time career for myself. Most of you will probably know about the mess that YouTube is at the moment for small creators, and so Patreon seemed like the logical step that could allow me to do what I love whilst earning a living. I don't know how many people will be interested in supporting me in this manner, but I want to thank anyone who does with every piece of my heart and soul. This is my dream and I'm hoping I can make it happen with a little bit of help from those that enjoy what I create. If you do decide to become a patron for this channel, I promise I will put my all into producing the best content that I possibly can and I appreciate the love and support more than you could ever know. Thank you <3.
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When I reach 500 patrons, I'll work towards putting two videos out a week instead of one.
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