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About Jessica

(Free song downloads at the bottom!)

Hey Patreon Community!

My name is Jessica Allossery, please call me JESS. This means we are officially besties. You are in my bestie circle, and I will name you squishy. I've been on youtube for 7 years and make videos about once or twice a month, from cover songs to my own hand written originals. Sometimes if I'm feeling wild I may hire a professional team to shoot,  but for the most part, its just me, my guitar, my camera, a microphone and some silly terrible drawings! and sometimes a doggie or two.

I want to grow
If you are looking to support my work and my goals, I am humbled and grateful. You are the ones that keep me going on a daily basis. I can't explain how uplifting it is to have somebody behind me, nudging me to keep going. If you can donate $1 per video, this will help to offset the cost and time of making more creations in the future, along with writing and recording my own originals! Each dollar will push me to work harder towards my goals, to give you better content every month. If you have extra cash floating around and you need a way to cleanse yourself, by all means, please take advantage of my patreon page!  In return, I will be offering some fancy schmancy EXCLUSIVE Patreon rewards that I'm really excited about.

Just to Say THANKS:

Album & Song Downloads
Behind the scenes!

Your name on my videos!

Handwritten Notes!

Personal Calls!

These are just some of the fun things I am offering, and I am so excited about them!
 BUT If at the moment you don't have a dollar to spare, please remember that your support can come in many ways...sharing is caring, so always spread the word!

I love everything about the youtube life. I enjoy being able to communicate with my fans, and am always trying to better my craft. I appreciate insights to constructive criticism, ideas from fans, and song requests. From the bottom of my heart, I truly do wish to make this world a better place. There are so many things crumbling around us, so I try to focus on the positive and keep uplifting and inspiring my fans who do the same for me. We're all in this world together, after all.

Where my PATREON FUNDS went in 2014

DSLR Camera + tripod and 2 lenses
Tablet for easier portable recording
Production of my original music video "Love Parade"
Help to fund my first international BRAZIL tour!!

Where my PATREON FUNDS will go in 2015

Funding my new website/blog launch
Covering some monthly expenses to have more time to write music
Potential Tour in GERMANY! (2016)

I will be keeping you up to date with what is happening in my life, music related, and not! I am a very open and honest person and enjoy being able to share things that inspire me with all of you.

 The most exciting and important thing for me to be able to achieve this year, is if I am able to earn enough Patrons, I will eventually be able to cut down my job hours and spend more of my time focusing on the things that really matter to me. I will be able to appreciate and hang out with my patrons, talking and bouncing off ideas, keeping you up to date, and being able to make videos a little more often.

So that's that, and this is me.
Let's be friends forever!


Thank you for reading!!

New Blog link:

PS: Hey twitter pals, and everyone else who likes Freeeee free free! :) Here are some song downloads as promised... These will make your day 100% lovelier:
$187 of $300 per youtube video
If I reach $300 per video, this will cover my costs, WAHOO! Winner!! Gagnon!!
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