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Why hello!
My name is Paula Jean Ferri. Kind of. I mean, it's my pen name. Just try finding something under the given name of Jessica Smith. I dare you. Can't find me? What? I'm shocked. Besides, Paula is my alter ego anyway. That's what I call my Tourette Syndrome. This is a big reason why I started writing in the first place, so it kind of makes sense to use her name, which is a little more searchable online. 

Why Patreon?
So here's the thing. I managed to quit working full time for six months in order to publish my second book. I tell you what, I'm addicted. I have a lot of projects and ideas and I need more time to get them done. A few projects also need some backing since I have more than just books planned. Books alone can be hard to fund, but with actual products, I have to front funds for supplies to build them. So with everything, I am needing a bit of help to get started. But trust me, you are going to love it!

The Funds?
Trying to write full time is going to take a lot of sacrifices. So most of it will be going specifically towards content. Funds are going to the essentials. Editors, designers, advertising, product supplies... Priorities, right? Then it goes to things like, you know, food... rent... Also kind of important I suppose. Good thing it's just me. For now. Maybe I'll get a cat if there is enough left over. Let's make me a crazy cat lady, people!

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