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Hey your in the inner circle! Get behind the scenes updates from yours truly on what I'm working on and up too and maybe even access to early releases to content before anyone else. 
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Hey loves, thank you to everyone that is supporting me and everything I believe in I truly wouldn't be here without you. You seriously have my eternal gratitude! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

My name is Jess Stephenson and I'm a life coach for women who want to take their life to the next level. I create content about living an "upgraded lifestyle" which to me means a healthy plant-based diet, beautifully organized home (I'm looking at you kitchen), eco-conscious choices (there is way too much plastic in our world) and a connection to your intuition and spirituality. 

Signing up as a patron will help me tremendously. I live abroad in beautiful Mexico but my savings is pretty much non-existent now and am about to be living off of beans and rice. Thankfully I have a place to live until June 2018. By subscribing you would be helping me pay rent, eat healthy foods, produce amazing content and help me help people and animals all around the world! Very soon I would like to build a website and start creating videos for a youtube channel in the works but I need a camera and would love to get the Panasonic Lumix GH5 ($1,999). I would also like to donate some of my time to activism (animal welfare, women's rights and environmental). It's one step at a time for me but I want to have you guys as apart of the journey!

Thank you so much for your support here I appreciate it more then words can express! 

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When I reach $900 a month I will have all of my basic living and business expenses covered like food, rent, water, printing, website hosting, business-related subscriptions (accounting, content schedulers etc). I would be able to focus solely on giving you and everyone beautiful and meaningful content. I would be able to run my business a lot smoother without the stresses of surviving. 
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