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About Jessyd Designs

Hello beautiful people.
It is my absolute pleasure to be sharing my creative endeavors with you. Each piece is created with love and good vibes - may it bring joy to your heart and brighten your darkest days.

My story:

Two years ago my world came crashing down when I found text messages on my fiance’s phone to a girl. It was clear he'd been up to no good.

There I was, with a new baby, building a life with a man I loved with all my heart and soul - absolutely shattered. I'd spent years encouraging him to move forward in his career, while giving up mine, preparing myself to become a mother and wife - something I believed to be my one true purpose in life.

My hopes, my dreams and expectations of a white picket fence and big family smashed to a million pieces. The months ahead were slow and stressful. I was heartbroken, a sleep deprived single parent and felt like I’d lost my purpose. What had MY life become???

Escaping my world and burying myself in my art was all I wanted to do. It was the only place I could ‘feel myself’.. my safe space with no judgement and no annoying questions or expectations from myself or anyone else. When I started to gain a following on Instagram I was pretty chuffed! It was so nice that other people seemed to like my art just as much as I did! This, along with encouragement from friends and family, really helped shift my perspective to a place of sharing my gifts and brightening other peoples lives which is what really saved me in my darkest moments. Art it seemed had become my therapy.

I gained a following on my Instagram account pretty quickly and the feedback really motivated me to continue down this path.. A path I am so happy I can share with you here 

All the money in the world couldn’t replace the feeling I get when someone tells me how much they love my art. I hope to share my gifts with you, inspire others to pursue their passion and spread positive vibes as far as I possibly can.

Love and gratitude

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