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Jet Stream Game Club is a podcast focused on playing video games in small chunks, and then getting together to share our experiences. Think of it like a book club! This is an ongoing series, so when we finish one game we will move on to a different one!
We have 3 hosts, each playing through a previously-designated section of a video game, and then convening to discuss what we thought of the gameplay, the story, the characters, everything in that section! Join us in the comments to provide your own input, and your thoughts could be featured in follow-up episodes!
We will be focused on narrative-focused games, so we (and any listeners following along) can have clear start and stop points for our episodes. This also gives us things to discuss and critique, such as plot, characters, and settings.
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Once we hit $20 a month, we can start creating merchandise like stickers, buttons, and shirts!
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