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How would you like to receive an invention featuring a hand drawn image, mailed to you like a postcard, every so often, say like, three or five out for one year? 

Give us some good dates. We are flexible, want us to solve a particular problem? We can do that too. 




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(Our video is just a placeholder at this moment, a newer, better, more relevant version will be uploaded soon.)

The J. Haley Arts Institute works diligently at research and activities designed to promote, propagate, disseminate, actualize, and achieve an increased level of life satisfaction in any and all people we can reach. We focus on art and creativity as our main tools to further this mission, and are not limited by our material, medium, or media, utilizing any procedure or process at hand, from classical to modern from technological to primitive. We are not driven by capital, though monetary subsidies can help us keep our vehicle in drive. We are driven by ideals, dreams, happiness, and a desire to continue our own development towards an empathetic and otherwise enjoyable approach to life as we know it.

This is where you come in...

With your help we want to create a platform where we can disseminate new ideas and visions of the future. We produce content which details inventions and projects from the mind of the artist J. Haley and are looking for method of publication.  

As an audience member and client you will help us realize and publish the ideas of J. Haley in many different formats. Many projects are only of mind and will come to being through text and imagery, while some ideas will bring you the arts of today's greatest creative people in a magazine format. We will print shirts, we will draw pictures. We will make videos, books, and give presentations.

Afterall, we are an Institute.
We are me,
I am he,
This is the J. Haley Arts Institute.

We look forward to working for you. 
$0 of $3,000 per month
Still testing this out. But if the Institute gets a laser, we will be able to assist a couple artists create work, and have the power to create some pretty well archival/time resistent works of art. 

Test video....
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