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About Jim Dietz

Greetings.  Believe it or not, there will be a video, but of all the skills I lack, working with video is in the top 10 (along with playing the harp and cricket).  On the other hand, I'm an author and if you can't figure out what I do or what's around here--Houston, we have a problem.  Actually, it's more complicated than what can be shown in a video or in a few sentences. 

What I do is coach college volleyball, manage my own small game company, and I write--which is, of course, why you are reading this.  It helps that I write in each of those first two jobs.  Those are where the articles come from.  I used to teach, so I always look at coaching from a different perspective and my articles relate to that (not necessarily volleyball).  I have a published book out with Championship Productions that discusses just that.

With games, I like discussing how games are created, but often there are inspirations that come from elsewhere, so those will get me writing about controversial or unique topics--would you ever think you could make a boardgame about the US Constitutional Convention?  You'd never believe what those guys actually believed!

I also write novels and books.  I have published two novels with small publishers, but it is incredibly difficult to justify the time of writing or to know if I am 'on the right track' (because all writers have moments of self-doubt, regardless of what you may think) without some sort of feedback, and obviously, the easiest way to justify writing is financial.  In the old days, writers and artists were lucky to have the filthy rich as sponsors, but now, because of companies like Patreon, that support can be from everyone and it doesn't have to mean millions of dollars (though I'd be happy to  accept that...just sayin'....)   So here I am, willing to work for your support.

The beauty of Patreon is you aren't paying me until the content is provided.
Let's face it--that's a big deal.  Just as important, you don't like it--you can stop your support at any time.

And you know, Patreon's thought of everything.  Since you are paying for each time I provide content, I could pimp the system, post 50 articles/day, and suck you dry like I'm the IRS.  That's uncool.  So you are also able to limit the maximum amount you donate over the course of month, so that even if I get crazy-productive, you get that as a bonus. 

Support will motivate me to work primarily on two things:
1 - Editing and making suitable for publication various ideas and starts I have made on projects, but that have been set aside for various reasons (don't worry--the two clunkers won't be foisted on you...but I keep them around to remind me that I can always do better....)
2 - Creating new material, published ideally two chapters (or articles) per month, so that you get to read it like people did in the good old days with serialized publications.

Some of the ideas for stories and novels:
   *The last CIA agent in Saigon, 1975      *
   *An "Indiana Jones" inspired World War Two race between Nazis, Americans, and Russians to find a magic relic.
   *Angels on Earth, using pre-Judaism and early Judaic history and myths as inspiration.
   *Best friends who come of age in the early 1960s, and then tracing their lives past Vietnam and how the era changes them.
   *Why are mummies always the bad guys?  What if immortal mummies were the good guys?
   *The war in Afghanistan--how can you succeed without becoming just like the bad guys?  Would that drive you insane?

My goal is to be able to do these on the 1st and 15th of every month.  But I won't lie--there are times that won't happen, especially when I'm neck-deep in recruiting and 'in-season'.  I'll try though--that is a promise.

Just as good, I'll post (free) blogs and random thoughts along the way.

$0 of $300 per Each chapter of a novel or for some complete articles.
Ideally, if this level is reached, I can contract for art for the final print or e-versions of the material.  Art may mean paint or pen/pencil, or it could be using photography or securing rights to famous art/photographs.
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