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For every 50 patrons we have, we are going to support an underprivileged child who really needs it in Northern India through a specialist charity. We'll keep you posted!

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For every 50 patrons we have, we are going to support an underprivileged child who really needs it in Northern India through a specialist charity. We'll keep you posted!

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For every 50 patrons we have, we are going to support an underprivileged child who really needs it in Northern India through a specialist charity. We'll keep you posted!

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About Jim Rajan

### Check out the New 5 Part Guided Visualisation "On Taking Action" up in the Posts Section NOW! ###

Right, let's build on what you've achieved with the 10 part course on the website. This is the next level for you, where you will really take this further and deeper. Your expansion, your intuition, your ability to manifest and create your world yourself, starts here. And it starts now.

Join now to access these works:
Avalon: The Path to True Confidence. (7 part guided visualisation course)
Sacred River Ganges: Cleanse thyself, Focus Thine Light. (3 part guided visualisation course)
Morning Star. (1 part guided visualisation for early morning practice)

Music for Meditative Practice:
Star Child and the Gardens of Time. 
The Prayer Wheel
Lotus Flower 
And loads loads more...

Video talks:
the Power of the Subconscious Mind
The Cycle of Prosperity

The new paradigm of the current age is very simple. The more you work on the your spiritual health, the more you will manifest greatness in your life. The more you release burdens, conditioning, remove emotional and spiritual blocks and the more that you connect with your inherent wisdom, the more you will manifest in, and be in total control of your material world

As you've seen, prosperity is a feeling, a state of being. Now just imagine what will happen when you really start to learn how to use your prosperous nature!

You know how you want your life to be, don't you? You know where you want to be. Well, committing to this work you will start to take on a whole new perspective. Your comprehension of your powers and wisdom as a spiritually vibrant being will flourish and bring you the most marvellous things.

Success in life is now about internal change, internal growth and we are here to guide and support that growth in you. Success is no longer about just money, it's about making a difference in your community, it's about being the agent of change, being at the vanguard of humanity. 

This channel will give you the resources to do it. To be it. And, to love being it!

When you signup you'll receive a new specialist visualisation or visualisation course each month, plus much more content in the higher Tiers if you really want to take yourself to the next level.

True happiness is freedom. Freedom from conditioning, freedom from old thought patterns, and freedom from the suffering that is dragging your life down.

Become a Patron now. Click the 'Become a Patron' button and you'll gain instant access to exclusive content you won't find elsewhere. There's music for visualisation practice, all our current courses and visualisations, plus new video content and concepts for you on a regular basis, including the upcoming course on ending anxiety in your life forever. 

(What is Patreon? It's a simple, safe subscription service built on value. It's built on trust. That's why we use it. We guarantee that you will advance and grow and expand into a beautiful new existence with this work, you already have because you did the 10 part course, but that was only the beginning. You can cancel anytime...though frankly that's not very likely because we give 110% in everything we put here. You'll see.)

Deep thanks and Namaste!
Jim Rajan
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50 is a great number!!

When we reach 50 Patrons here on the channel I vow to start to support the life of one child who really needs it, in rural North India, with worldvision.org.uk. And thereafter another child for every 50 patrons.

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