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Hi, you found us! This is Jeremy and Jackie from JJ Randomness, we made this to give you exclusives in the content we make. You get behind the scene look at skits that our normal subscribers won't see, our planning process that only a Patreon exclusive, and footage of our creative process.
Mind you this is 100% optional we do not want to pressure any of you that you have to donate to us but it will be much appreciated. This is only to help us get new equipment to make new content. When we made our channel it was never for revenue, that is something that we could care less about. The main reason was to bring our creativity out to people that like similar content like we do. We are grateful for whatever you give us to expand our channel. 

Thank you,
From Jeremy and Jackie
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When we reach this goal we can get better lighting or backdrops as well as props
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