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About J. Juno

I'm J. Juno and I am making art, writing and doing photography. I grew up in Tennessee of the United States, live in Colorado, and travel around.

I have finished writing my first story, New Years With Winters, a novella from my naked series.

I love developing my writing, but I struggle to afford the costs of living and traveling. This Patreon page was created to help make my art, my writing, and my photography a main focus in my life instead of a side project.

Receiving support and feedback from people like you has been an rewarding part of working on my art, writing, and photography. I hope to continue making art and original writing that makes people laugh, cry, get mad, or even feel embarrassed. I hope to continue to create photography that is beautiful, meaningful, or otherwise makes a positive contribution to the universe.

So if you enjoy what you see and want to motivate me to produce more, then please send me feedback or show support by donating, or both! Every encouragement I get helps me keep going and keep evolving my craft.

Thank you,

-J. Juno





One cold December night, Sappho does something quite extraordinary with Mr. Winters.
He is exhilarated; but she is embarrassed.

The following day- throughout New Years Eve- Sappho prepares for hosting New Year's with their family in their home. Awkwardness (and innuendos) commence as her brother and father are expected to be there along with their sons.

How will Sappho and Mr. Winters get through New Years without embarrassing themselves in front of their family? Will they be able to express themselves to each other without doing anything 'uncouth' in front of the children?


is an original story and concept. The protagonist is Sappho Höst, a young woman living in a town called Athens in Tennessee in the early 2000s.

Story Summary
Sappho Höst is a young woman living in the fictional city of Athens, Tennessee in the southern states of the United States. She is just starting her adult life when George W. Bush is elected president of the United States, and the resulting political climate makes the future seem bleak.

Sappho has a feminist mind and is an outcast as a result. She wants to live like the men she looks up to but most southerners disapprove of this. The only person who accepts Sappho as she is is her widowed father. Sappho is pushed by everyone else to embrace her feminine side and live a traditional southern woman's life.

Her father dies suddenly and she is left on her own with no support from her family or community. They warn her to find a man to love and care for her, or else she will suffer poverty. But Sappho has other plans and is determined to remain independent.

After some failed attempts at self-sufficiency, Sappho meets an old beggar woman who tells her about her good future. Sappho is impatient and wants to skip the upcoming years with their struggles and get started living her future now. Granting her wish, the old woman transports Sappho to the future in the late 2010s.

But the future is not what Sappho expected.

Sappho wakes up lying naked on top of a strange man. This is her future husband? But he is all wrong. He is conservative, much older than her, and has a large body frame that both impresses and scares her. They have several children and live in a cozy southern cottage. But Sappho was hoping for a future of an exciting career. How did she end up as a wife and mother instead?

Eager to get away from her husband and this seemingly dull domestic life, Sappho blackmails her future teenage son, Jeremy, into helping her drive to Florida to meet her still living mother and get transported back to her own time. But will spending time with her son on this road trip change Sappho? Will she reevaluate what she wants and what really makes her happy?

bare is being approached as a mix of comedy, adventure, and time travel. bare is meant to be an online comic for teens and adults (13+) and depict themes of adult relationships and cannabis use by characters.

naked is an original story and concept by J. Juno

Story Summary
Work in Progress (Takes place after the story, bare)


Potential is an original story, mythology, and universe by Jay Juno. There are many characters that live in different worlds including present day Earth.

Story Summary
Ryan Heli, a world-renowned figure skater from Saint Augustine, Florida performs an incredible feat at the Olympics and her popularity explodes. She then discovers that not only does she have powers beyond ice skating, she also discovers an ancient armor gifted to her by her parents. Ryan is one of a rare group of humans who can use Potential- the ability to develop powers unique to each person and influenced by their passions and desires. But Ryan also learns that there is a powerful being with sinister intentions as he plans to take control of everything.

Ryan travels to meet the other Potential users she has connected with online and with the guidance of two Ancients, they train using their powers into prime skills and prepare for the the battle of their lives. But can Ryan really confront what lies ahead of her, or will her journey be manipulated by an unexpected visitor?
A force surrounding Earth (Gaia) surveys all humans and detects when Potential is being used. When a Potential user is too strong, artificial guardians are activated when unauthorized use of Potential is detected. This is not an important detail in the beginning of this story.
Potential, which is set on the following three worlds:

-Gaia (present day Earth)

-Dalku (Demon World where the demons live otherwise known as the utukku)

-Zuu (Priest World where Zuuian humans and demons coexist close to the Annunaki. A third population known as the Unstables also lives here)


The rough drafts of bare, naked and Potential will be free to view online.
The finished stories will someday available with the option to pay a fee to view as no advertisements or downloadable content. Both stories will also be uploaded to websites such as Deviantart, FictionPress, and possibly others.


Patreon is a funding site that supports artists. Very much like a magazine subscription, you subscribe to your favorite artists to get exclusive content. Become a patron, and you will see behind-the-scenes progression of Naked while helping to support the artist.

A pledge of any amount ($1 to $100) will give you special access to patron only content such as concept art, character design development, story notes, and more.

There will be more rewards given for higher pledges in the near future (July 2017)

Find out more about Patreon in this video:

PS: For one time donations, you can select a pledge and then select 'no reward'. You can cancel after the first payment.


All payments are processed the 1st of each month and all rewards will be sent out by the first week of the upcoming month.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/wanderingspork

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jjunolive/
Instagram: @thewanderingspork for food photography or @wandering.spork for travel/street photography


I suffer from endometriosis, arthritis, migraines, PTSD, PMDD, and pevlis problems. I have chronic pain every day. I am neurodivergent.


Questions or comments, please message me or email me at [email protected]
Thank you.
-J. Juno

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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