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- VIP access to streaming versions of my new songs, music videos, movie trailers and movies as I create them and before the general public does. You'll also get exclusive patron only access to early demo versions of upcoming songs and behind the scenes footage of music videos and films. There will also be exclusive blogs and videos on topics such as  how I create my songs and videos, what it inspires them and what it all means to me.

- Hear all the news and plans about my projects and get the chance to offer feedback on new songs, videos, films and trailers before they are released to the general public.  

-Connect with other patrons.

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This tier gets you everything in tier one plus:

You get to download two versions of every new song I create (I usually create one a month). You'll get the orignal mixed and mastered version as I finish them (that means you get my music sometimes up to a year before the general public has the opportunity to purchase them.) Later in the year you will also get the final, remixed and remastered version of each song that appears on the album. This version is created once a year during my final mix and mastering session right before the album's release to the public. You will recieve this version before the general public does. The two versions of the songs may not be drastically different from each other, but the final mastered version of each will be of slightly higher quality and clarity. But, once in a while the songs do end up being different and sometimes drastically, so you just might get a surprise once in a while :) Songs will be downloaded in MP3 or Wav file format. 

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In this tier you get everything in tier 1 and 2 plus: 

All the music I have already created and released over the last two years in the form of MP3 or Wav file downloads. That's two albums of music. (second album will be released digitally on iTunes etc.. at the end of May 2017) You'll also get some unreleased tracks, instrumental versions, album artwork and a personalized Thank You video after EVERY project I create :D




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About J Knight


Hi everyone, I'm J Knight and I write/record songs, and make music videos and films. My songs come in a variety of delicious flavors including Pop, Pop Rock, Pop Punk, Rock, Metal, Punk, and even a little R&B. I've created one short zombie film so far and I am currently working on a full length sequel. You can listen to my first album and watch my music videos, trailers and first short film on my website http://jknightmusic.com

What is this Patreon page for?

As you can probably imagine, making a living as a musician/filmmaker is difficult these days. Streaming music is more popular than buying singles or albums and monetization on sites like Spotify and Youtube are extremely unreliable. As you can probably also imagine, making films is hard work and can be costly both in time and money.

I make music and films because it's my life, my passion and my drug. It's a form of therapy that cleanses my soul. I also do it because I want to share the enjoyment that the creative process gives me with you. Platforms like this allow me to continue making music, music videos and films for all of you out there and anyone anywhere who enjoys quality music and entertaining films and videos.

My job and costs include:

- Recording, Engineering. Mixing and Mastering Fees
- Playing (and buying) all the instruments & singing the songs.
- Filming fees
- Promotion, social media etc...
- Managerial, clerical and financial responsibilities.

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading that. My songs can take up to 100 hours to fully write and get to a final produced version and that doesn't include promotion. My movies take months to write, film, edit and produce. Trying to do all this while also working a job is not easy and it becomes hard to find time to complete my projects.

So, when you become a patron, you're sending a little cash my way to help me to continue making all the things you enjoy :) In order for me to make high quality music and films I need it to stay my full-time job.

What rewards do you get for contributing?

The music, videos,trailers and films will be the main reward. But, there will also be special rewards available to all patrons regardless of tier level such as early access to songs, videos and films as I am creating them and an opporunity to give me feedback on early versions, behind the scenes content such as videos and blogs that cover my creation process, what the songs mean to me and their inspiration as well as behind the scenes video footage during filming of my music videos and films. I may even do live streams if requested by enough of you. I just want to deliver high quality songs, videos and films to entertain all of you and that is what you will be supporting. If that's enough for you to want to contribute that puts a big smile on my face :) If not, I completely understand.

Thanks to everyone who decides to chip in. I will forever be grateful and indebted to you. I hope to be able to continue doing my dream job and with your help I will get there. You're all the best :) Luv you all <3

J Knight
$29 of $350 per Song, Music Video, or Movie
Reaching this goal will allow me to cover most of the costs associated with recording, mixing, mastering and producing my next song :)
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