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I'm Joshua Ramseur, a creator from the Texas Hill Country. 

These last couple months I've been creating long-form podcasts where I interview people I think are really important. Thus far I've interviewed, among others, a Phd who innovated Emotional Intelligence into the modern workplace (001), a Texas country singer who is building his music business online without a record label (002), and a local farmer growing change for the next generation (005).

The whole goal of this work is to make famous the good work. I want to make a living sharing the ways others have made a living making living here even better. Make sense?
Basically, a lot of people are healing the world in a lot of ways and figuring out how to make a living doing it. Sound like what you want to do? Then keep reading!

Why Patreon?

At this stage in the creative journey I am looking to build a community of people who are interested in real, restorative change that these podcasts and blogs deal with. I personally believe that for future generations to inherit a healthier, more beautiful and respected world than what we have means that we need to take seriously the REAL change needed, and the best place to start that change is in a community where conversation is the prerogative. 

These creations deal with real stuff. How do you find your passion (001)? How do you make a living on it (002)? How do you heal the land (006)? How do you get real food while doing that (006)? How do you take care of your body, mind and soul in a sustainable way (005)?
As you can see, this podcast is addressing common issues we all share, but I don't want them to stay just "issues." 

I want a community of awesome people like YOU to discuss and make real change with. 

These podcasts are true stories of serious change in real life. They are the life stories of real people doing things that heal and change the world for the better. And their delivery is my gift to anyone who will listen, who wants to unlock their own gifts to help the world at this crucial time. 

I've already seen the incredible responses I've gotten from people. What I do resonates with so many, and I want to take these solutions presented in my guests' stories to an even larger audience. 

Social media is awesome, but it's real tough to support a work like this with just a few hundred followers. That's why I'm doing this Patreon page: to help cover the practical expenses (gas, food, lodging, insurance, etc) in order to start doing this full time. And if I can do it with a group of people who are doing awesome things themselves, then that's a win-win-win for sure. 

My dream is to have an online conversational community of people making real change in the world. This is what I use my podcasts and blogs and social media for. If you would like to be a part of that, I would be so stoked!! 

Check out the reward tiers to the right! I typically post about once every week and a half, but I would like to get that up to twice a week. Your contribution would really help with that. 


Even if you have only liked or commented on this stuff on social media, thank you. Every encouragement helps, and every like or share helps me do this even more. 

Consider being a part of this awesome community if doing what you love to heal the world and helping others do the same is your passion.

Check me out on Facebook and Instagram @jloveroads! And please rate and subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud!

Love all y'all!

*Profile photo by Kathy Whittaker!*
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I can afford to upgrade the quality of the podcast with new equipment and web design. I'll also be able to take more trips to talk to awesome experts, entrepreneurs, and musicians I've been wanting to hear from!

Thank you!!!
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