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I'm Jeremy, and I am a British photographer and writer currently living in Cornwall, UK. My passion is to not only capture the staggering beauty of nature, but also to contextualize that beauty, exploring facets of humanity and society reflected in the landscapes we inhabit. I am constantly surprised and enthralled by the ever-changing relationship we have with our world, and how that relationship can be captured, crystallized and explored in images and words. 

You can see a selection of my work on Instagram.

My Goal

Firstly, I would love the privilege of being able to dedicate myself to this full-time. For the past few years I have been working in other roles while pursuing photography and writing in my spare time, but this is where my passion lies and where I feel I can do the most good.

Secondly, I have numerous ideas for projects I would like to pursue in the future. A few of these are to:

  • Document the tornado season in Bangladesh, exploring the impact these storms have as well as what more can be done to mitigate that impact
  • Explore the relationship between the native fishing communities of Western Alaska and the ocean they depend on, specifically their stoicism in the face of tidal flooding and how this contrasts with prevalent Western attitudes
  • Write and photograph a book on Cornish folklore, traveling through one of the UK's oldest and strangest landscapes to peel back layers of history

Thirdly, I want to help. There are countless causes the world over that deserve far more aid and attention than they're currently getting. I would love to build a platform for some of these charities and organizations, and hopefully through my photography and writing to be able to spur others into action on their behalf.

Why Patreon?

The cost of purchasing large format prints and canvases is in my opinion prohibitive, which is why I have decided to choose another route and begin working through Patreon. Rather than charging hundreds of dollars for individual images, I would like to make my entire catalog of high resolution images available for a small monthly subscription, so that anyone who is interested in my work can get their own prints made for a fraction of the cost. The subscription would also grant access to monthly updates of new images, all uploaded and made available to subscribers to go with the initial galleries. 

As well as the photographs themselves, I would like to use this opportunity to write about the themes which tie them together. My interests are wide-ranging - from folklore to fractals, industrial history to meteorology - and I am so excited to communicate what these images mean to me, and what I feel they show us about the world.

How Does It Work?

It's very simple. A pledge of $5 per month or more will grant you access to all of the images I upload here in high resolution, for you to use as desktop backgrounds/calenders/wall prints or whatever else you want. All I ask is that you don't seek to profit yourself from the images. I will be adding new sets of images at least once per month. 

A pledge of $10 or more will grant you access to the written content I upload, which will normally consist of an essay themed around an image or set of images. I will aim to publish at least one or two essays per month, and if time allows I will look to increase this number. 

Really though, any amount pledged would mean the world to me, and would bring me closer to what has been my dream for as long as I can remember: spending my life communicating a love of the world we live in, and inspiring others to do the same. 

$0 of $100 per month
Thank you! Getting to $100 per month will mean I have the time to produce and edit more content, which means more images for everyone to enjoy. 
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